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Saturday, October 14, 2017

What SECULARISM Has done To Universities

This is a great warning of what's going on in the universities. But the answer she gives of humanism that clearly leaves out the Bible both Old and New Testament.  It is just as closed minded, as this new critical theory that has taken over the universities. The humanism she offers is too weak to oppose this secularism that she is spouting. The answer comes in what the founding fathers clearly believed, that the Creator, not Humanity, not government, but the Creator gives us our inalienable rights, and true knowledge, in the laws of nature and in the laws of Nature's God.

The current theorists are doing exactly the same thing that the humanist did in the last generation in the University's they are excluding God from thinking. This means secularization of the curriculum and excluding Bible as literature.

David Barton goes into details.

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