Friday, October 6, 2017

3 Must Read Articles About GUN CONTROL

1. Rush Limbaugh Summarizes The Issue
"The founders believed that rights and liberty came from our creation and not men, not government, not other people. And that’s what made them inalienable. Meaning, you can’t lose them. You can be deprived of them but you can’t lose them, they’re there always."
2. Charles C. W. Cooke, Gives The History
"along with the rest of the Bill of Rights it was the product of a disagreement as to how to best protect freedoms that were generally considered unalienable."
3. History of Blacks and Guns
"Even during the bleakest of times, armed Black men and women carved out lives that defy modern expectations. Living and thriving in the American west, US Marshal Bass Reeves, “Black Mary” Fields, Brit Johnson, Willie Kennard, George Goldsby and “Nigger Jim” Kelly, stood and fought and prevailed against expectations. They enrich the tradition with episodes of grit and bravery that endeared them to many of their white contemporaries and raised some of them to legend."

A great book to read.

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