Friday, March 29, 2019

Why is the Bible God's Love Letter To Mankind

Why is the Bible God's Love Letter To Mankind

God's Loving Blueprint For Living. "THE BIBLE"
So many people try to turn the Bible into memorization or rote learning, systematic theology, ceremony religious exercises, but the Bible is basically a letter of love to God's bride, to his brothers, to his Nation, to his priests, to his Kings, and to His children. It is even a love letter to his enemies to show them how they could turn from their wicked ways and live fruitfully within his Creation.
It also has warnings as to what will happen if his children his bride his Nation his priests or His Kings, and even his enemies decide not to follow his plans.

It is not written as a systematic theology although it is very good to develop Systematic Theology from the Bible. It is God's love letter to his people to show them how to live in a cosmos and Eternal world that he created and that has moral and physical rules that must be followed to be fruitful in their lives. In other words it is God's user's manual to all the Nations and Peoples and individuals.

This manual is written in such a way it shows you how God would live if he were here in the current circumstances you are facing.

This manual clearly shows that God's way of living it's about sacrifice. It first shows us how he sacrificed for us and then how we are to sacrifice for him and others.

In This Love Letter it shows His children what are our His priorities. It shows us as his bride how we can love him best. It shows this as his priest what sacrifices we are to offer. It shows us as his workers how we are to get the job done. It shows it as his rulers how we are able to be wise and a servant to are people. It shows us as His soldiers how we are to battle. It show us as his fisherman how we are to fish. It shows us as his Olympians how we are to run the race.

In other words as many people have called The Bible through history it is the blueprint for living. A living sketch that we are to mix our minds and lives with so we can have an abundant and fruitful life that is worth living so we show who The invisible God is . This is what Disciples University is about. Learning from God's Love Letter How to live full and abundant life that has Eternal meaning.

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